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Short Gap Travel Passes

Want to take off on a flexible, independent gap trip but don't have much time? A travel pass offers you the opportunity to combine a tour-type experience with the freedom of independent, hop-on-hop-off trip. A travel pass really is the best of both worlds! Travel passes allow for the ultimate in flexibility. Pack in as much as you want into a minimum time frame if you need to keep things short. Alternatively, you can hop off and extend your stay in any one place if you fancy seeing a little more en route.

We have brilliant travel passes on offer all around the world. All of our travel passes can be completed in a short amount of time. Why not use our popular East Coast Travel Pass in Australia? Sign up for our sensational Southeast Asia Bus Passes through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Or choose our epic Kiwi Discovery travel pass and explore New Zealand. Snap up a travel pass today and make the most of every minute of your time abroad!

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Short gap travel passes

Short-term travel in Asia

Do you want to see Asia on a whirlwind, flexible trip? Snap up one of our incredible Southeast Asia travel passes and see it all at your own pace! Enjoy flexible travel through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, choosing the right travel pass to suit you. Using your travel pass means you can hop on and off as you wish, stopping in all your favourite Asian locations along the route. If you don’t have much time to spare, all the travel pass routes can be completed in a minimum time frame.

Flexible travel in Australia

Hop on and off along the Aussie East Coast with our amazing Sydney to Cairns travel pass. This flexible pass is valid for 6 months, but can be completed in as little as 13 days if you’re in a hurry! The travel pass takes you along the popular East Coast, and includes lots of unique experiences along the way. Stay at indigenous camp and at a cattle station, hop across to Magnetic Island and relax at River Camp. Hop off for more fun East Coast experiences such as Fraser Island or the Whitsundays!

Hop on and off around New Zealand

New Zealand is another incredible destination to tick off your bucket list! The ideal way to explore this amazing country is to grab a flexible travel pass and get going. Our Kiwi Discovery Pass is a brilliant way to take a whirlwind tour of New Zealand. Valid for 12 months, this travel pass route can be completed in less than 3 weeks if you’re short on time. Wander around the North & South Islands and discover New Zealand!

Snap up a travel pass and see it all in a short space of time!

Up to 12 months

Snap up this flexible hop-on-hop-off bus pass, valid for 12 months, and see all the highlights of New Zealand’s North & South Islands on this amazing Kiwi adventure.

from £599.00

Up to 12 months

Explore Australia’s East Coast from Sydney to Cairns with this flexible travel pass, valid for 12 months. Have adventures off the beaten track and book your travel with an easy-to-use app!

from £549.00

35 days minimum

Explore Australia's East Coast on this ultimate tour, which includes some of our most popular Aussie programmes: Have fun in Sydney, learn to surf, travel with hop-on-hop-off pass and enjoy adrenaline adventures in Cairns!

from £2,369.00

Flexible duration

Visit up to 46 European cities with this flexible hop-on hop-off bus pass, and build your own epic European adventure! Travel from country to country and spend as long as you like in each amazing location. When you want to move on, just jump back on the bus!

from £949.00

11-39 days or longer

Explore Asia with one of three brilliant, flexible Stray bus passes, valid for 12 months. Discover the best bits of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam using these unique bus passes!

from £659.00

Minimum 13 days

Fancy flexible travel in Northern Thailand and Laos? Our Laos Flexi Loop is the ideal hop-on-hop-off adventure. Choose a bus pass only or sign up for our fantastic flexi tour, which includes accommodation and awesome activities!

from £659.00

Minimum 6 weeks; Maximum 12 months

This trip combines our top two flexible travel passes, the Sydney to Cairns Travel Pass and Kiwi Discovery Pass. Discover the Australian East Coast and New Zealand at your own pace and hop on and off for amazing adventures abroad!

from £1,139.00

Up to 12 months

Our Oz, Kiwi & Fiji Explorer combines flexible travel passes in Australia and New Zealand with an amazing 8-day tour in Fiji!

from £1,989.00

Up to 12 months

Have a unique travel experience on Australia’s East Coast with these awesome travel passes, valid for 12 months. Have adventures off the beaten track and book with an easy-to-use app!

from £429.00