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Duration: 12 months

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Are you a degree holder aged 24-35? Become a paid teacher in China! Get a paid teaching position set up before you travel and earn money abroad with a 1-year paid teaching contract in China. Get a competitive salary with plenty of spare cash to travel! Complete an online 120-hour TEFL qualification before you go, inspire Chinese children as a mentor and teacher, gain amazing teaching experience for your CV and experience incredible China with time off to travel! 

Trip highlights

  • Secure a 1-year paid teaching contract in China before you travel
  • Earn between 6,000RMB – 8,500RMB (approx. £615-£870) per month
  • Gain a coveted 120-hour online TEFL qualification from the comfort of your own home
  • Teach kids or young people and inspire a new Chinese generation
  • Gain brilliant teaching experience and make your CV shine
Further trip information

Am I eligible to become a paid teacher in China?

In order to be eligible for the paid teaching programme you must:

  • Be a degree holder
  • Complete the 120-Hour TEFL course (or already have this qualification)
  • Be a native English speaker
  • Be aged between 24-35
  • Be in good physical and mental health
  • Be able to commit to a 12 month teaching contract

You do not need any previous teaching experience, and you do not need to have any Mandarin language skills to take part in this programme.

120-Hour Online TEFL Course

As part of this paid teaching programme, you will gain your essential 120 hour TEFL qualification before you go abroad. A TEFL qualification is your pass to teach all around the world, and is a necessary requirement if you want to take up a paid teaching position in China.

Relax in the comfort of your own home and complete this comprehensive, in-depth and informative TEFL course over a 4-week period.  You can start your fully-accredited online TEFL course on the first or third Mondays of each month, and you are free to choose your own hours of study, making this the ideal, flexible and hassle-free way to gain a coveted 120-hour teaching qualification.

You will be taught all the theories, strategies and techniques of teaching English as a foreign language, plus you will be given a grounding in Chinese culture to prepare you for living and working in China. The 120-hour online TEFL includes:

  • Information and discussion about Chinese culture, to help you navigate your new environment
  • Strong grounding in the history and theory of teaching English as a foreign/second language, emphasising theoretical approaches
  • Significant practical training in how to teach listening, reading, speaking and writing in the classroom
  • Extensive lesson plan development and presentation and feedback both from peers and instructors
  • Loads of great tips, tricks and examples of how to teach English to every age group
  • Advice and guidance for effective classroom management

Once you have completed the online TEFL course you will receive a qualification certificate, a report and a letter of recommendation. You’re then ready to begin your perfect paid teaching placement in China!

If you already hold a 120-hour TEFL qualification you are eligible to apply for this programme for a paid teaching position only. Please contact us for further details.

Teaching English in China

Demand for English-speaking teachers in China is booming, and you can make a real difference as an inspiring mentor and paid teacher to Chinese children and young people who are eager to learn and improve their English skills. Gaining experience in the English language opens up doors for students in China, allowing them access to better job opportunities in the future.

The benefits work both ways, as becoming a teacher in China adds amazing skills to your CV, gets you hands-on teaching experience, as well as broadening your horizons as you explore the fascinating culture and country of China. As a paid teacher you’ll put money in your pocket, allowing you to not only teach but take time to travel and enjoy a whole year of exciting experiences in Asia.

Paid Teaching Placements

Our 1-year paid teaching placements can be offered in public schools, international schools, private schools, universities, colleges or in language schools in China. All educational employers are thoroughly screened and verified, so we ensure that you are being placed in a safe, reputable and professional school during your 1-year paid teaching placement.

China’s education system is structured as follows:

  • Kindergarten and pre-school: age 3-6
  • Primary school: age 7-12 (compulsory)
  • Junior middle school: age 13-15 (compulsory)
  • Senior middle school or Senior secondary/vocational school: age 16-18
  • University: age 19-22

Standards of education vary from area to area, and schools tend to be concentrated in the more urban, economically developed areas of China, where English language education is more easily accessible and affordable. You can expect to teach a 40-hour week, over 5 days, with two consecutive days off per week. 

Dates & booking
The 4 week online TEFL course begins on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. The start date of your paid teaching placement will depend on when you receive a job offer.