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Paid Jobs Australia

Australia is our most popular destination for travellers seeking paid work abroad, and it's not hard to see why! Due to Australia's Working Holiday Visa scheme, gap travellers aged 18-30 are snapping up the chance to earn money in a paid job in Australia.

Why work in Australia?

With year-round sunshine, great wages, English-speaking culture, amazing adventure activities, stunning beaches, wonderful and interesting history, do you need any more reasons as to why Australia is the perfect paid work destination? Australia is famous for its buzzing cities such as Sydney, its party and adventure activities, it stunning beaches and islands and its natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru. Work in this wonderful destination and enjoy a working adventure Down Under!

Paid work in Australia

Australian Working Holiday Visa

Australia's Working Holiday Visa scheme offers an incredible opportunity to find paid work in Oz! The Working Holiday Visa is available to travellers aged between 18-30 who are intending to work in Australia as a means of supplementing their travel funds. A working holiday visa should be obtained before you leave the UK and lasts for a year. You can book your Working Holiday Visa here with Gap 360.

Aussie wages

If you find paid work in Australia you can expect to earn an average of GBP8.50 to GBP15 per hour, depending on the job and your experience. You'll soon save up some money to fund your travels and have unforgettable Aussie adventures!

Paid work packages in Australia

The best way in to paid work in Australia is by signing up for a comprehensive jobs package. A paid work package will set you up with everything you need to find paid work in Australia, including a Tax File Number, Medicare, 12 months of job support and advice, CV reviews and access to a job search database with thousands of job offers all across Australia! Our most popular jobs package is our Absolute Oz Jobs, which includes a week of group fun and adventure in Sydney and at beach camp, plus 12 months of job support. We also have paid work packages available in Melbourne, Cairns and Darwin.

Hospitality jobs in Australia

If you want to find paid work in the hospitality trade, or land a brilliant bar job, then Australia is the ideal destination to do this! Our paid work packages offer an awesome range of general hospitality jobs across the board. If you have previous hospitality experience you can sign up for our hospitality jobs in Australia programme and earn money working in high end hotels, bars and restaurants. Whether you want to serve cocktails in Sydney or tend a beach bar, there's a hospitality job waiting for you Down Under.

Ranch or farm jobs

Australia has some of the most awe-inspiring outdoors landscapes in the world. Find paid work in the vast expanse of the outback with a paid ranch job, and channel your inner jackaroo or jillaroo with some ranch hand skills. There are also loads of seasonal farm jobs on offer in Australia, from fruit picking to cattle droving and more. Find farm or ranch work and make the most of the fresh Aussie air as you earn.

Professional jobs

If you're looking for professional work experience abroad, Australia's lively cities are the ideal base to find work experience in a particular professional industry. If you want a challenging, well-paid office job or administration role, find a professional job in Australia and get earning!

Carpentry jobs in Australia

If you are a qualified carpenter with at least 2 years experience you can head Down Under for a carpentry work trial and the chance to land a paid carpentry job in Australia. Share your carpentry skills and see all the stunning sights of Sydney in a paid carpentry job.

Become a gap school assistant

If you want to work as a gap assistant at an Australian boarding school and earn an allowance at the same time, this is the challenge for you! Help with teaching classes, sports coaching and general assistance at the school as you gain work experience working with kids and boost your CV. With accommodation and meals included in term time, the school holidays are your time to travel and spend your allowance money!

Sailing jobs in Australia

Join our sailing jobs programme in Australia and learn how to become a professional crew member, with the chance to find paid sailing jobs afterwards. Head out and explore the gorgeous ocean surrounding Australia, gain a professional sailing qualification and set sail into paid work in Oz!

If you are interested in any of our Australian paid work opportunities, speak to one of our travel advisors and find out how to kick start your Aussie job search!

Up to 12 months or longer

Explore Thailand, Australia and New Zealand on our awesome Adventure, Work & Party programme. Enjoy a Thai Adventure, find paid work in Oz and tour New Zealand - don’t miss it!

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Up to 12 months or longer

Our amazing Global 360 trip is packed with all our favourite programmes! Choose from two awesome round-the-world packages or design your own Global 360 and add in your dream destinations or activities.

from £4,339

Up to 12 months

If you are a qualified carpenter aged 18-30, find a paid carpentry job in Australia and expect to earn £10 to £20 an hour! Includes 1 week of fun in Sydney followed by a carpentry job trial and the opportunity for up to 6 months of paid carpentry work in Oz!

from £549

Up to 12 months

Aged 18-30? Head off on our paid work & travel combo adventure! Find a paid job with our Absolute Oz jobs package in Australia, followed by a fabulous 8 days of island exploration in Fiji!

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Up to 12 months

A 5 day jobs and orientation package for 18-30 year olds, helping you to find work in Australia in no time! Get advice and the essential job support you'll need to secure an Aussie job. Typical wages are £10 to £15 an hour!

from £309

Up to 12 months

Spend 12 days touring around beautiful Bali before settling into Aussie life with a week of fun activities and up to 12 months of awesome paid work. Have a blast Down Under!

from £1,339

Up to 12 months

Earn money in Australia on our Absolute Oz Jobs paid work programme, which includes one week of exciting activities in Sydney. Hop across to New Zealand to enjoy fun, flexible travel with our Kiwi Discovery Pass!

from £1,139

Up to 12 months

Aged 18-30? Combine our Absolute Oz paid work package in Australia with an awesome 14-day tour along the stunning Aussie East Coast. Add in a 18-day tour in New Zealand to max out the fun!

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Up to 12 months

Aged 18-30? This trip combines our Absolute Oz Jobs paid work programme in Australia with fantastic flexible travel passes in Australia and New Zealand! You could earn between £10 to £15 an hour, and then spend that cash exploring these beautiful countries - Perfect!

from £1,689

Up to 12 months

Find paid work in Australia’s amazing Northern Territory and enjoy gorgeous landscapes, buzzing nightlife and incredible culture! Expect to earn a whopping AUD18-35 an hour!

from £259