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Paid Jobs Abroad

One of the most amazing ways of spending your gap year is to find paid work and get a job abroad. Getting work experience in an exotic destination is a gap year dream come true - earning money and seeing the world is an unbeatable combination!

Tempting job tasters

The range of amazing job opportunities abroad is enough to tempt any traveller to take a gap year. You can head Down under and find paid work in Australia or New Zealand, some of the world's most popular destinations to get paid jobs abroad. You can take on a professional job in your chosen field and boost your career skills in exciting locations while getting paid for the privilege. Maybe you fancy getting some valuable paid teaching experience on your gap year? Or do you want to get childcare experience as an Au Pair in the USA? Whatever paid work opportunities you want, you'll find jobs waiting for you all around the world!

Choose type of work & preferred country

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  • Accountancy
  • Agriculture, Landscaping
  • Au pair, Childcare
  • Catering, Hospitality
  • Charity, Not For Profit, Fundraising
  • Construction, Trades
  • Customer Service, Call Centre
  • Driving, Logistics
  • Events
  • Farm Work, Ranches
  • Fruit picking
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  • Australia
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  • America
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  • Thailand
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  • Myanmar

Banish your finance fears

When you're planning your perfect gap year, one of the major concerns most potential travellers have is worrying about financing their gap travel. Seeking paid work abroad is a convenient means of financing your travel while ensuring that you get the most out of your trip. There are loads of great ideas for paid jobs abroad and some marvellous ways of making a mint on your gap year.

Work buddies

Participating in paid work on your gap year is also a great way to meet fun and interesting people and make long and lasting friendships. Paid jobs abroad are an excellent way to immerse yourself in a new culture, engage with the locals and discover parts of the country that are unlikely to be visited by your typical short-stay tourist.

Spice up your CV

To top it off, engaging in paid work on your gap year can boost your CV by helping you to gain valuable work experience and making your CV stand out from the crowd in those all important job applications, university admission and interviews. For more top tips on why getting a paid job abroad is a great career move see 'why will a gap year help my career?'

Top ten jobs abroad

Want some top tips on how to find paid work abroad? In order to help you choose from the hundreds of paid jobs abroad available out there, we at Gap 360 have gathered together ten of the most popular and exciting paid work opportunities:

1. Finding paid work in the USA

Put your professional expertise to work in the land of opportunity. Getting a position as an Au Pair is an amazing American opportunity; you get to stay with a host family, get some spending money and immerse yourself in everything American. The USA is a fantastically dynamic country, a home away from home where everything seems to be larger than life, and a great place to visit if you're a first time gapper.

2. Find a paid job Down Under

Australia and New Zealand are two of the most popular destinations to find paid work, boasting the largest variety of jobs to choose from. Working in one of these countries is once-in-a-lifetime experience and an opportunity to gain worthwhile skills while discovering the country and meeting some great new friends along the way. The similarity to British culture means you don't feel too far away from home, despite being on the opposite side of the globe. You can go on a fun work and travel jobs package, such as our popular Absolute Oz Jobs programme, and find paid work across a wide range of job areas, plus you have fun in Sydney and beach camp too.

3. Get a professional paid job abroad

If you're looking to get work experience and earn money in a professional field, then sign up for a professional work programme and add skills to your CV. Australia is one of the best locations in which to find paid professional jobs, and you can earn good wages and get industry experience or learn more about an area of work you want to consider in the future. If you want to find an office or administration job or want to work in a professional field, this is the travel and work option for you!

4. Au Pair and childcare positions

If you love working with and caring for children, then becoming an Au Pair abroad is a valuable and deeply satisfying experience. An ideal way of immersing yourself in a country's culture and getting to know your host family, becoming an Au Pair is also a great way to get childcare and work experience. Landing an Au Pair job abroad will mean experiencing a different way of life with your new family while exploring the country in your free time. America is the top Au Pair travel destination, so if you want to work with kids abroad, take a look at our Au Pair in the USA opportunities.

5. Sailing jobs abroad

Taking off on the high seas is a highly desirable position for any budding sailor, as sailing jobs are a fun and adventurous form of paid work that is unlike anything you'd find at home. If you're energetic, love the sea air and you think you've got what it takes to work in a sailing job then this unique and interesting experience could be just the thing for you. Combine a watersports job with an RYI course and you'll be sure to sail through any outdoor career. Australia has the ideal sailing job opportunities!

6. Hospitality jobs abroad

There are a whole range of paid hospitality jobs to choose from in a number of different countries. Whether you want to find a brilliant bar job in buzzing cities abroad, wish to work in a high-end hotel or wait tables and earn tips in lively restaurants abroad, then a hospitality job will be right up your street! Find a high-quality hospitality job in Australia and earn money as you work in some of Australia's most stylish hospitality establishments.

7. Fruit picking, farm and ranch work

Fruit picking or farm work is an excellent way to earn money quickly, and there are so many paid farm or ranch jobs available, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. Many of the farms and ranches in Australia are close to the country's best-loved attractions, meaning that you can scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef in your free time or explore the outback and see Uluru. Farm work provides a fabulous opportunity if you enjoy working with animals or you favour the outdoors. The most popular way of finding farm work abroad is to head into the outback and find a ranch job in Australia. If you want fresh air & hard work and want to work with animals or pick fruit, a farm or ranch job is the ideal outdoors work abroad.

8. Paid teaching jobs

Teaching English as a foreign language is a favourite among travellers, and for good reason, as paid teaching is a truly beneficial experience likely to open up a whole array of doors for future jobs both in the UK and abroad. Most countries will provide paid teachers with a good wage, offering travellers a great way to gain first-hand experience of a culture whilst earning money and learning a new skill. The most popular destination for paid teaching is Asia, with paid teaching in Thailand one of the top choices for travellers looking for teaching experience abroad.

9. Skilled labour jobs abroad

Many travellers seek out skilled labour jobs abroad as a way of transferring their existing work skills to another country, and funding their travel adventures. If you are skilled in a trade, and are a qualified electrician, plumber, carpenter, construction worker, to name just a few skilled trades, then you can find a paid labour job in exciting destinations. Australia and New Zealand offer the best skilled labour job opportunities, under their 18-30 Working Holiday Visa schemes. Get a carpentry job in Australia or share your skills in a job in New Zealand. Sign up for a jobs package and land a skilled labour job around the world!

10. Ski resort work

Fantastic if you love to hit the slopes but can't afford the expense of a ski holiday. A paid resort package will provide you with accommodation, food; lift pass, ski rental and a set wage. It may not be the biggest or best wage you've ever had but you'll still be able to save a lot of money, allowing you to fund any continued travel that you may wish to do. Many of those who decide on a ski resort job find themselves returning to the slopes again and again. It really is a great way to play hard, gain work experience and make long lasting friendships. Got loads of ski experience? Why not consider working in New Zealand?

Travellers find working in a paid job abroad a great way to combine travel with learning new skills and gaining work experience to enhance your CV. For more top work and travel advice, check out our list of types of jobs abroad for further inspiration!


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