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Mphatso's Children Foundation, Malawi

Location - Kande Beach, Malawi

The goal of Mphatso's Childrens Foundation is to feed children, develop the community and create a positive impact on the futures of local people. There are many areas in which the foundation helps, including:

Baby Feeding Programme - The foundation routinely provides live saving baby formulas and infant weighing services to all those that need. Often hospitals and doctors refer people who need to feed infants whose mothers are too unwell or have died. Around 100 babies are currently being supported on this programme.

Women's Positive Living Group - A significant number of women are living with HIV and AIDS in Malawi and Mphatso's provides a safe space to meet on a weekly basis where women can share a meal, sing, do crafts and emotionally support each other. The project also provides financal assistance for on-going treatment and transport to medical facilities. 

Nursery School - The foundation runs 13 nursery schools teaching numeracy and literacy to around 1000 children daily. Each child is provided with a nourishing bowl of porridge and teachers and cooks are employed from the local community. 

Educational Training Programme - Programmes ranging from agriculture, health, professional development, education for young mothers and vulnerable people are provided to local people who want to develop their skills.

Emergency Relief - As well as all the above, Mphatso's also provide assistance for basic life needs when required such as food, clothing, transport, funeral assistance and waterproof housing. 

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