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Make-up tips for the female traveller

Make-up tips for the female traveller

If you are a female traveller planning your gap year trip, you may well be in a dilemma about what to pack, especially when it comes to beauty products. When you are on your gap year adventure, you will need to pack light and think practically when it comes to make up, which unfortunately is something us girls are just not used to!

When you are hiking up a mountain in Tanzania you won't want to be carrying half a ton of face slap, that's for sure. As this is a problem many of us will encounter in our gap year preparation, we have formulated a list of 5 make-up tips for the female traveller:

1. Back to Basics

Realistically, what do you need and what do you want? You may well think you can't live without your statement red lipstick, but let's be honest, if you are teaching in Thailand, lippy is not an essential and probably won't be appropriate either.

One make up essential you may not be able to do without is a basic concealer stick. If you're in a hot climate sometimes excess perspiration can cause breakouts, so a basic concealer can really be a life-saver. Perhaps try a medicated one as well to help clear up any unwelcome spots, not just cover them.

If you have naturally dark eyelashes you may want to ditch the mascara from your make up pack. However, if you are fair, then you could just take a cheap basic mascara with you or even go to your local beauticians and get them dyed beforehand for instant mascara!

2. Waterproofing your face

Even if your trip doesn't include surfing, diving or swimming, the heat can literally melt your make-up right off your face. So if you are thinking of taking mascara, make sure it is waterproof or you will simply scare the locals with your gothic transformation.  You might want to meet some pandas on your gap trip but you don't want to end up looking like one!

3. Sellotape can save your clothes

It may sound silly, but sellotape or duct tape can really save your clothes and protect your bag. If you're going to be carrying your luggage from place to place, or even just during transit from the UK, using trusty sellotape to seal the lid of your make up and beauty products can help stop those awful spillages which will stain your clothes and the rest of your belongings. You don't want to be spending your first day abroad in the washroom.

4. Sun-kissed skin

Scrap your foundation: There is no point lugging this around the world with you. The sun will give you that glow you have been craving and create a natural make up look without the product! Not only will you be soaking in a good quantity of vitamin D every day, giving you strong bones, but you will also be getting a beautiful tan. Even if you did bring your foundation, by the end of your trip it would be a number of shades lighter than your fantastically bronzed face. Be careful and do always wear a suitable sun cream as a red-face is never in fashion!

5. Lip Salvation

Forget lipstick, it's just not essential in your travelling make up kit. However, lip salve is a must! You will be far more prone to cracked lips abroad in the differing climates you will experience and extremes of heat or cold can cause dry lips that will be crying out to be looked after. Why not try a happy medium, with some tinted lip balm? This will give you a lovely subtle colour and keep your lips happily moisturised: Minimal make up, minimal hassle!

There you have it: 5 make up tips for the female traveller. Taking a few basic make up essentials abroad should make for a neat and compact travel kit and now all that remains is to head off on your gap year adventure abroad. By following these top travel make up tips you can make sure you look good and travel light!

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