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Lone Buffalo School, Laos

Location - Phonsavan, Laos

Phonsavan is a rural farming area in North East Laos. Poverty is rife as farmers are unable to use or build on certain areas of land due to the vast amount of unexploded bombs and landmines in the area. The aim of the Lone Buffalo School is to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds gain the same opportunities as their wealthier, city dwelling peers have. The school provides free English classes and assist students in their goal of going to university. The project also helps introduce students to prospective employers after their studies so they can find meaningful paid work.  

In addition to the English classes, Lone Buffalo school also provides free internet access, use of a gym and other educational classes to the local community. Priority is given to those families who have been affected by unexploded ordinance and the project also runs awareness classes to educate people on the dangers of unexploded ordinance. 

Since 2015 our local team has sponsored the salary of a teacher and provided all the class materials (such as books and stationary) needed for English classes. Over 50 Lone Buffalo students are currently studying in universities in Laos, Vietnam and China too.

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