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Hospitality Jobs Abroad

Looking for a hospitality job abroad for the perfect paid work experience on your travels? Do you want to work in the hotel trade, get a waiting job in a restaurant, get paid work in a bar or try out a job in the travel and tourism trade? Then why not go travelling and make money abroad with a hospitality job? Hospitality jobs are some of the most sought after, fun and flexible ways to make a mint on your gap year. Have fun and make new friends at the same time!

Whether you're an experienced hospitality expert or are new to the hospitality trade, a job in the hospitality industry is the ideal way to get paid work abroad. Head abroad and earn money with the perfect hospitality work opportunity!

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Hospitality work abroad

Hospitality hotspots

The most popular places to get a hospitality job abroad are Australia and New Zealand. Getting a hospitality job abroad is an amazing way to make friends, have fun and take home some top tips (in more ways than one!). A Working Holiday Visa means that you can have a great gap year with paid work opportunities abroad. Get hunting for a hospitality job today!

Hospitality jobs in Australia

Serve cocktails in Sydney, wait tables or hit the hotel hotspots! Our most popular general jobs package, the Absolute Oz Jobs programme, begins with a week of fun and adventure in Sydney. It also gives you access to hundreds of jobs all across Australia, including loads of brilliant bar, restaurant and hotel jobs. Join the hospitality trade!

Hospitality jobs in New Zealand

Want to try something new in New Zealand? Get a hospitality job in this home-from-home location. Our Absolute NZ Jobs package can help you find an exciting hospitality job and live the Kiwi dream!

Head off on a gap trip of a lifetime and find the perfect hospitality job abroad!

Up to 12 months or longer

Fund your travels by working abroad: See the globe on a shoestring, and pay your way with amazing jobs Down Under. The ultimate gold-digging gap year!

from £2,829

Up to 12 months job support

Work and travel in Australia! This paid work and travel package includes 1 week of fun in Sydney, 12 months of job support and a travel pass along the East Coast. Expect to earn between £10 to £15 an hour!

from £1,089

Up to 12 months or longer

Explore Thailand, Australia and New Zealand on our awesome Adventure, Work & Party programme. Enjoy a Thai Adventure, find paid work in Oz and tour New Zealand - don’t miss it!

from £2,309

Up to 12 months or longer

Our amazing Global 360 trip is packed with all our favourite programmes! Choose from two awesome round-the-world packages or design your own Global 360 and add in your dream destinations or activities.

from £4,269

Up to 12 months

Aged 18-30? Head off on our paid work & travel combo adventure! Find a paid job with our Absolute Oz jobs package in Australia, followed by a fabulous 8 days of island exploration in Fiji!

from £1,389

Up to 12 months

A 5 day jobs and orientation package for 18-30 year olds, helping you to find work in Australia in no time! Get advice and the essential job support you'll need to secure an Aussie job. Typical wages are £10 to £15 an hour!

from £309

Up to 12 months

Spend 12 days touring around beautiful Bali before settling into Aussie life with a week of fun activities and up to 12 months of awesome paid work. Have a blast Down Under!

from £1,339

Up to 12 months

Earn money in Australia on our Absolute Oz Jobs paid work programme, which includes one week of exciting activities in Sydney. Hop across to New Zealand to enjoy fun, flexible travel with our Kiwi Discovery Pass!

from £1,139

Up to 12 months

Aged 18-30? Combine our Absolute Oz paid work package in Australia with an awesome 14-day tour along the stunning Aussie East Coast. Add in a 18-day tour in New Zealand to max out the fun!

from £2,539

Up to 24 months

Experience the best of Canada as you work and wander around the country for up to two years on an epic travel adventure!

from £369