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A group of people in colourful clothes dancing and drinking at a full moon party in Thailand

The ULTIMATE Guide to Thailand's Full Moon Party!

By Gap 360

Last updated: 5th May 2017

Legend has it that this epic party started as a small gathering of backpackers in the distant past…the 80s… They loved it so much they came back again and again, every full moon. Word spread and the party grew and grew. Now, A Full Moon Party can have anywhere between 5, 000 and 30, 000 visitors all living it up on the sands of Koh Phangan. Not bad for a few travellers!

A Full Moon party is the king of all nights out. Thousands of party-goers spread across the shore, bass music shakes the ocean, and the beach glows with fire dancers and disco lights. But with so much going on, how can you be sure you have the best possible experience? Never fear. Gap 360 is here! We’ve made the ultimate guide to this incredible, life-changing party.

Get to the island early

Get to the island early so you can sort out of accommodation. If you are travelling on one of our Thai tours your accommodation will already be sorted so you can just chill out and soak up the vibe, but if you are going it alone, make sure you have somewhere to crash after the party is over. Arriving early also means you can get in the mood with some pre-moon partying!

Paint it up!

Get some cheap neon paint before you arrive so you can decorate yourself in true Full Moon style. Paint will be more expensive at the party itself so get some early. And remember – sharing is caring! Split some paint with your mates and get the squad looking good.


Drinks further away from the beach will be cheaper than on the main strip. Get a few drinks here to save some money. When you get down to the beach the drink of the day will be Thai buckets. Basically, imagine a child’s sand bucket full to the brim with rum, soda, and Red Bull! These cost approximately THB200 (about a fiver). Super cheap and super effective, one is more than enough! It’s best to share one between friends so you don’t peak too early.


Take a pack of water with you. It’s a long night and you will get thirsty and dehydrated – especially if you’re sipping on a Thai Bucket. Make sure you keep hydrated by drinking water regularly.

Pace yourself

When we say these parties last all night, we don’t mean it in the sense of ‘oh yeah we partied all night til 4am when the bouncers threw us out’. You’ll be partying long after sunrise – so don’t go crazy in the first few hours! Get down to the main beach no earlier than 11pm and take it slow. There’re loads of things to see, people to meet, dances to dance. Save your energy, and aim for that magic sunrise.

Keep your stuff safe!

Don’t take any valuables to the party. You don’t want to be scrabbling about in the sand looking for a lost ring or missing passport when you could be partying with everyone else. Take a photocopy of your passport with you, but leave the real thing in a secure place at your accommodation.

Don’t try ‘Fire Skipping’

Along the beach you’ll see people giving you the chance to jump over a huge flaming skipping rope. Give it a miss! The next day, you’ll see loads of burnt party-goers with bandages on their arms and legs. Don’t be one of them!

Don’t go barefoot

Wear some sensible shoes so you don’t cut yourself on any broken glass in the sand.


DO NOT BUY DRUGS! Drugs are illegal in Thailand and carry very severe penalties. Undercover police are known to roam the party trying to sell drugs to tourists. Don’t get caught out. Stick to the buckets and have a night to remember, not a night to forget.

Have the best night ever. EVER.

A Full Moon Party will be one of the most epic experiences of your life. You’ll be talking about it long after you get home. Stay safe but have fun. This is what travelling is all about!

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