Gap Yah - the Gap Year Parody Video

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, you’ve probably seen the world famous “Gap Yah” video. If not, then almost four million other people have beaten you to it, so YouTube it before you’re the last one on the bandwagon.  No gap year traveller could resist a sneaky peak...

Oh Orlando...

For those unfamiliar with the video, it’s a sketch centred around the character of posh traveller Orlando. The sketch starts with Orlando chatting on his iPhone to his friend Tarquin, explaining why he can’t go shopping on the King’s Road (he is “literally in Burma”), and continues with Orlando’s chunder-centric stories of what he’s been up to on his “gap yah”.

I'm not like that... am I??

Matt Lacey is quoted as saying that the video “is a satire on the great number of people who seem to be leaving these shore to vomit all over the developing world”, or in the words of Orlando, use their gap year to go “on the lash” across the world. Lacey says that everyone will be able to recognise Orlando in some of the people they meet during their time at university, and that perhaps everyone has some of Orlando’s traits in them too.

YouTube phenomenon

“Gap Yah” has proved to be something of a phenomenon and was named “Homegrown Comedy Hit of the Year” by YouTube. Since “Gap Yah”, Lacey has been busy with a second instalment of Orlando’s adventures up on YouTube, “Gap Yah: The After-Party”. In the sequel Orlando explains to Tarquin how “socially awah” he’s become by fundraising for Haiti (“in Africa”). There’s even an official Gap Yah single, featuring Orlando and a musical group called “The Banter”. There’s even a book, “The Gap Yah Plannah” penned by Orlando coming out in September.