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24 trips
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Flexible Guided Tours

Want to combine guided touring with flexible, independent travel time? Enjoy the best of both worlds with a flexible tour! Pick up one of our amazing, flexible travel passes abroad or make the most of flexible travel in some of the most incredible countries in the world with a brilliant hop-on-hop-off bus pass.

Why not wander along the Aussie East Coast using our popular Sydney to Cairns travel pass? Make the most of stunning Australian sights such as Fraser Island, the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef. Discover the wonders of Southeast Asia with a flexible travel tour or bus pass adventure. Or choose from many more exciting adventure tours which can be done at your own pace. See the world at your leisure on a fantastic, flexible tour!

Flexible Guided Tours Tours

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Freedom & Flexibility

The beauty of a flexible tour is, you have the ultimate freedom to hop on and off when you want. If you unexpectedly discover your dream destination on your tour route, you can just jump off the bus and spend longer exploring.

Have fun with new friends

A flexible tour offers the ideal opportunity to meet new people and forge travelling friendships. Each time you hop back on the bus you'll connect with new travel mates, and if you make new friends and they want you to hop off and spend extra days with them, no problem! You can hang out for as long as you like and then re-join the bus when you're ready.

All the benefits of a tour

Just because you can enjoy more flexibility, doesn't mean you miss out on the perks of touring. You'll still have an expert guide to show you the ropes when you're on board the bus. Your guide can also recommend great places to stay along the way, and let you in on all the secret locations other travellers might be missing. Even if you choose to hop off for independent travel time, you'll have your guide's top tips to give you a head start!

Top destinations for flexible travel

Our most popular flexi tours are in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Whether it's hopping on and off around Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, exploring Australia's amazing East Coast or discovering the wonders of New Zealand's North and South Islands at your own pace, a flexible tour is the ideal way to go travelling!

Have fun and make friends on a flexible tour!

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