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When a festival rolls into town the whole place comes alive. You’ll meet friendly locals and party-goers from around the globe, all with a story (and a drink) to share.

Valid for up to 2 years

Choose three of our awesome festivals and events trips and get a fourth for free! From the tomato-tossing madness of La Tomatina, to the chilled out vibes of Sziget and the spring break revelries of Ibiza, your Europe festival pass will kick off some unforgettable adventures!

from £499.00

4 days

Hurl, lob and squish juicy tomatoes in this Spanish food fight on the streets of Bunol! Grab a fistful of the red stuff and prepare to do battle! Includes 3 nights of camping, your ticket to the festival, and all the tomatoes you can get your hands on!

from £209.00

5 days (longer available)

Head to Munich for Germany’s awesome beer festival! Grab a stein of the good stuff and stay at a buzzing campsite with breakfast and dinner included!

from £229.00

4 days

Take part in the annual San Vino Wine Fight Festival and get soaked in delicious red wine! Watch the hills turn purple as wine is hurled and splashed and then continue the party at your nearby campsite!

from £239.00

5 days (longer available)

Head to Budapest for one of Europe’s most iconic festivals. Sziget has it all - big names, undiscovered gems and an intoxicating atmosphere that’ll blow you away!

from £229.00