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Educational Gap Years

Embarking on an educational gap year experience will encourage personal development in preparation for achieving further educational goals or readying yourself for a future career. This particular gap year option is highly promoted by travel suppliers, schools and governments, as it combines travel - a powerful agent of social change and possibly the most influential form of education - with a course of learning and self development.

Why take an educational gap year?

Engaging in an educational gap year experience could lead to faster acceleration into the job market and further progression within employment. If anything, an educational gap year is certainly one way to bump up those UCAS points! With university fees on the rise, seeking other available opportunities to build on your educational career is practically essential in today's academic environment.

What better way is there to gain valuable life expertise, and learn new skills in exciting subjects than through participating in gap year travel? An educational gap year offers an amazing life experience, enabling you to accumulate knowledge whilst learning from your surroundings and ultimately enhancing your CV.

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Take an educational gap year and learn & develop

Learn the lingo

A great skill to gain on an educational gap year is learning a new language. You could become truly cosmopolitan by learning to speak Spanish on your gap year. Spanish is a widely-used and beautiful language and you'll have great fun and make new friends getting your tongue round the soft sounds of the sultry Spanish language. Most of the destinations in Central and South America offer great opportunites to learn to speak Spanish and many of the gap year programs also give you the opportunity to combine volunteering and learning Spanish. Having more than one language is an incredible asset to have on any CV and is also a fun and challenging way to spend any gap year.

Test your limits!

It's not all about the mental skills you can bring to the table; an educational gap year can also be about stretching yourself and testing your limits by learning a new physical skill. Show off your physical prowess with a magical martial arts experience trying your hand at the ancient art of Muay Thai boxing. If you fancy some water-based fun on your gap year, why not become an aquatic adventurer by learning to dive and gaining your PADI divemaster qualifications? It's your ticket to dive instructor status and you get to explore an exciting underwater paradise into the bargain! Want to channel your inner Aussie beach bum? Learn to surf in Australia and you'll soon be riding on the crest of a wave!

Become a learning legend...

There are a whole variety of educational gap years to choose from covering a range of different skills that will allow you to compete both socially and academically. Whether you're keen to pick up a new interest or talent, or simply want to contribute towards existing qualifications and experiences, there really is no better way to learn than by immersing yourself in the culture of exciting destinations and submerging yourself in your chosen topic. Whatever it is you decide to do, an educational gap year will give you an edge when applying for jobs and universities and single you out from other applicants. An educational gap year will provide you with invaluable life experience and is a brilliant way to gain additional skills. It's also a great way to boost your confidence, give you independence and strengthen your CV and personal statement. So become a learning legend on your gap year and have a full-on educational adventure!

2 - 8 weeks from £399

Become a wildlife sanctuary volunteer and rescue and rehabilitate some amazing creatures in South Africa. Get up close to a range of African animals including monkeys, big cats and servals!

4-8 weeks from £1,749

Become a volunteer at an amazing Wildlife Park in Australia for a chance to get up close to wonderful wildlife such as kangaroos, wallabies and koalas!

7 or 9 days from £609

Discover gorgeous Indonesian islands on this 7 or 9-day tour. Choose from a range of awesome activities each day, including surf lessons, stand-up paddle boarding and snorkelling, and soak up the sun in paradise!

Up to 12 months or longer from £2,519

Explore Thailand, Australia and New Zealand on our awesome Adventure, Work & Party programme. Enjoy a Thai Adventure, find paid work in Oz and tour New Zealand - don’t miss it!

Up to 12 months or longer from £4,249

Our amazing Global 360 trip is packed with all our favourite programmes! Choose from two awesome round-the-world packages or design your own Global 360 and add in your dream destinations or activities.

5-7 weeks from £2,079

Explore inspirational India, and then make a difference in Kerala. This is an amazing way to soak up the different sides of India, as you explore the hottest sights and then live and work as part of the community.

Up to 12 months from £309

A 5 day jobs and orientation package for 18-30 year olds, helping you to find work in Australia in no time! Get advice and the essential job support you'll need to secure an Aussie job. Typical wages are £10 to £15 an hour!

2-4 weeks from £849

Spend 2-4 weeks in the Canadian countryside helping out on a rural farm! Experience life in the great outdoors, learn about farm living and discover new skills – all in the spectacular surroundings of rural Canada!

51 days or longer from £2,809

Discover Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia in one awesome Asian adventure trip. Spend 4 weeks in Thailand, 10 sensational days in Cambodia and 12 days in Vietnam!

1-4 weeks from £399

Jet over to beautiful Ecuador and spend up to 4 weeks learning Spanish in Quito! Stay in a fantastic student house and practise your language skills in the local area.