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Beach Jobs Abroad

Want to find paid work by the beach on a working holiday abroad? Are you seeking sun, sea, sand and a paid job? Sign up for one of our paid work packages and get searching for that perfect job by the beach! 

Get going to Australia, famous for its stunning beaches, and enjoy a working holiday by the beach. Go job hunting along the coast with our Absolute Oz Jobs programme. Land a paid beach job and work in Sydney or find your perfect paid job and work in Cairns, gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Earn money and enjoy the beach in your time off - bliss!

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Work on a beach in Australia

A job with a beach view

Many travellers dream of the ideal beach lifestyle when they plan their trip abroad. Now imagine working with a view of the beach! Fancy a bar job by the beach or a job in a beachside cafe? How about a paid job in a restaurant by the sea? Or a job in a surf shop with free time to ride the waves? There are so many beach job opportunities abroad. Set off on a job hunt and seek out the world’s most beautiful beaches!

Beach jobs in Australia

There’s no doubt that Australia boasts some of the best beaches anywhere on the planet. Whether it’s world-famous Bondi Beach, the wonderful white sand beach of Whitehaven Bay in the Whitsunday Islands or fantastic Fraser Island. Seek out lively Rainbow Beach or the beaches of Cairns, gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. Australia’s epic beaches will blow you away! Join our Absolute Oz Jobs package in Sydney and land a paid job by some of the city’s stunning beaches. Or sign up for sailing job training and cast off from beaches and skim across Australia’s seas. Or head along the Aussie East Coast and find paid work in Cairns. Live and work in this fun coastal town and enjoy all the benefits of the beach lifestyle!

Downtime by the beach

One of the greatest benefits of finding a job by the beach is all the amazing beach-based activities you can do in your time off. Hit the waves on a surfboard and hang ten! Go swimming or snorkelling, learn to scuba dive, or try adrenaline watersports. Go on brilliant boat tours and spot marine life. Or just laze on the beach, sunbathe and enjoy the warm weather!

Head off in search of paid work by stunning beaches abroad!

Up to 12 months

Aged 18-30? Combine our Absolute Oz paid work package in Australia with an awesome 14-day tour along the stunning Aussie East Coast. Add in a 18-day tour in New Zealand to max out the fun!

from £2,539

Up to 12 months

Aged 18-30? This trip combines our Absolute Oz Jobs paid work programme in Australia with fantastic flexible travel passes in Australia and New Zealand! You could earn between £10 to £15 an hour, and then spend that cash exploring these beautiful countries - Perfect!

from £1,659

23 days or longer

Gain NSCV Commercial Crew Course qualifications! Spend 3 weeks on the water and train to become a skilled and uniformed member of the yacht crew! 

from £2,239

1,2 or 3 months

Seek out sun, sea and surf Down Under as you discover the ultimate surfer's paradise in amazing Australia on this three month surf instructor course.

from £2,099

Up to 12 months

Aged 18-30?  Want to travel to Australia and find paid work abroad?  Get your Australian Working Holiday Visa here and get set up for 12 months of Australian adventures!

from £299