Charlotte Cleverly - Mensah Review

How would you rate the Gap 360 Au pair page?10
How knowledgeable was your Au Pair co-ordinator?10
Did we prepare you well for your placement?10
How smooth was your overseas arrival in New York?10
How useful was your orientation in New York?9

What was the highlight of your placement?

The children!!! I know it sounds 'cliche' but I was extremely fortunate to get placed with 3 children with HUGE personalities! Other highlights so far include, birth of baby number 3 in July, trips to families beach house in Long Beach Island, orientation in New York, weekend trip to Rhode Island and weekend in Boston! Who'd have thought I've only been here 3 months. Looking forward to Autumn and winter where ill be going to Puerto Rico in December over Christmas.

Please describe your relationship with your host family

I fell I have been incredibly lucky with the host family I was placed in. My host family are extremely kind and supportive. They made me feel incredibly welcome and do all they can to ensure I gain as much out of this whole experience as possible! I help look after 3 children who are 4, 2, and a 1 month old baby. It is extremely hard work, very challenging and test me every day, but they are so worth it! They have the best personalities I could ever imagine and they are a joy to care for! I am learning and growing so much as a person already..

Please sum up your experience with Gap 360 in 10 words (or less)

Best decision I ever made. Absolutely no regrets!

Could we have done anything better?

Nothing I can think of.

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