Emma Hardman Review

How would you rate the Gap 360 Au pair page?8
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Did we prepare you well for your placement?9
How smooth was your overseas arrival in New York?8
How useful was your orientation in New York?6

What was the highlight of your placement?

There was a few highlights would be hard to name them all. But living in California for that short time getting the opportunity to visit San Francisco and Alcatraz (famous prison). I've seen some amazing places like New York, New Jersey and Miami was amazing. Also I've made some life long friends that I will hopefully stay in touch with.

Please describe your relationship with your host family

I was really lucky with my host family they were really nice to me and made me feel like part of the family. I also built a good relationship with the children that I look after. They are well behaved most the time and its a pleasure too look after them. They all have their own little personalities and I've grown to care for them. It will be sad too say bye to my host family but i have learned a lot from this experience.

Please sum up your experience with Gap 360 in 10 words (or less)

Good experience.

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