Gavin McKay Review

How would you rate the Gap 360 Au pair page?10
How knowledgeable was your Au Pair co-ordinator?10
Did we prepare you well for your placement?10
How smooth was your overseas arrival in New York?10
How useful was your orientation in New York?10

What was the highlight of your placement?

Getting to travel to new places, meeting new people, try new food and getting to experience the American culture!

Please describe your relationship with your host family

In our house it is me, my host mum and the child I am looking after, so I work Monday to Friday and have my weekends off because my host Mum is off weekends, we alternate nights that each of us are staying in because there is only us two, the three of us are quite close and that helps working with the child, if you need anything the host mum is always there to help and listen!

Please sum up your experience with Gap 360 in 10 words (or less)

Very easy, very fun, very rewarding and worthwhile to do!

Could we have done anything better?

I think everything was handled great, the only thing about living in Northern Ireland is that you have to go to London for your interview but that was easy enough!

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