Joanna Bedford Review

How would you rate the Gap 360 Au pair page?8
How knowledgeable was your Au Pair co-ordinator?6
Did we prepare you well for your placement?8
How smooth was your overseas arrival in New York?9
How useful was your orientation in New York?9

What was the highlight of your placement?

Making all the new friends which I have met and making the most of the American culture and all the country has to offer.

Please describe your relationship with your host family

Amazing... I have been extremely lucky with the family I have been matched with. Ever since I have arrived they made me feel most welcome, our personalities matched perfectly and they remind me a lot of my family at home. The children are great and we all get on great, I am very happy.

Please sum up your experience with Gap 360 in 10 words (or less)

Once in a life time, life changing opportunity!

Could we have done anything better?

Currently no.

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