Regena Subhrai Review

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Fantastic fast paced adventure. All locations visited were beautiful and fell in love with Udiapur. The flight to Delhi was fine. Glad I booked hotel transfer. Hotel accommodation varied depending on location. Some better than others. But as only stayed 1-2 nights at each I wasnt too concerned. Some of the journeys between locations was long and tiring. But all were generally comfortable. But as im only 5' 1"" I didnt have issue with leg room ;) Even tho trip was fast paced and tiring the people in the trip made it worth while. Already missing them. Was originally concerned about age differences but was never an issue. I was oldest and got on brilliantly with the youngest and younger people on trip. The CEO is an amazing guy..Varun Kumar. Always helpful and was an integral part of the group. Couldnt imagine anyone else being our Leader :) Amazing trip. Loved every second of it!! :))