Events & Promotion: International Paintball Group


We work the largest shows and expos across Australia including Sexpo, Comicon, Supanova, Tattoo Conventions, University Obs weeks, Wedding Expos, Royal Shows

We travel and see lots of different parts of the city while working and can offer our company vehicles.

On top of travelling and company cars, there is the accomodation on offer for our team. You get to live in an a big house close to the city.

There is always some sort of social event each week like NRL, AFL, food festivals, BBQ’s, Karaoke, All you can eat pizza, etc.

We have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide and often have meetings with them in their cities.

We are the largest paintball promotions company in the world, we offer international transfers, flights and help with visas to Europe, Canada and NZ.

Our employees are happy, bouncy, social and excitable people who love to laugh, travel and enjoy life and challenging themselves.

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