Builder for bush glamping site


We are an award winning eco-tourism business operating in the beautiful Kangaroo Valley about 2.5 hours south of Sydney and we are currently building a structure to house a caravan and glamping tent and need someone to take on the project to get the structure built.

We are also exploring ways to expand our business by building a series of glamping sites around the property and there is the opportunity to get further employment through this project should we go ahead with it.

We currently host volunteers from various other platforms for travellers and you would be in charge of managing work for these people in collaboration with the designer. The work involves building an insulated corrugated iron roof, building a large slatted screen, building a basic kitchen (including plumbing) and building an amenties block with a shower and toilet.

Work hours are Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00 with 2 20min coffee breaks and an hour lunch break. There is a canvas tent and caravan on site which would accomodate you, we also have an outdoor shower and compost toilet onsite. The accomodation of the business is also occasionally available (photos available on our website on application). A river passes by the boundary of the property and is perfect for an after work swim as is the beach which is a 40min drive away.

I would love to skype with you to discuss in more detail how you can join our group of consious people living the dream!


Alex Crowe