How To Find Paid Work Abroad

How to find paid work abroadDo you dream of taking a getaway gap year and finding the perfect paid job into the bargain?  Think of the travel possibilities that can open up if you get paid and can fund your gap year and see all the top sights!  Don’t be daunted by the prospect of an international job search; with so many services and gap year programs offering the perfect assistance you’ll be escaping the British slump and heading for paid work in some of the most wonderful places in the world before you know it… 

Become a working wonder

If you fancy a gap year but also want to prove your worth worldwide, finding a paid job abroad shows potential employers and family alike that you are being responsible while fulfilling your travel wishes at the same time.  If you do your destination research and check out the job opportunities on offer before you go, you’ll be a working wonder not a job-finding flop.  Get your applications in ASAP and you’ll beat the rush!

Get with the program

It’s best to set up your opportunities before you go, so you have a guaranteed way into work once you are abroad.  The best way in to a reliable and reputable job is through a job finding trip or established gap year program, where you can get help with your CV, interview techniques and that all-important job search.  Programs are varied and exciting, ranging from work in the hospitality industry, working with kids as an Au Pair in America, to specialist outdoor work like sailing jobs in sunny Australia, or educating kids and immersing yourself in a country’s culture with some paid teaching work in Asia. 

Get CV-ready

Why not get set up for a gap year in the sun on the absolute Oz job hunt, where you can get all the help you need setting up your bank account, getting your CV overseas-ready and getting in to the perfect job placement Down Under?  You need to have a great CV to stand out from the crowd, so make sure that you include all your skills and experience so you can wow international employers.  Different countries want different CV’s and in order to know what works best, a job program can tailor your CV to guarantee you make the best impression at any interview abroad. 

Don't forget your visa

Don’t forget, one of the most important considerations when conducting a job search abroad is finding out if you will need a visa to enter your country of choice.  Many popular working destinations, such as Australia and the USA, require you to have a working holiday visa, which is available for travellers aged 18-30 and is easy to apply for.  These usually allow you to work for up to a year which leaves you plenty of time for travel too!  If you are heading to diverse destinations such as China, getting a visa is often only possible if you are signed up with an established company, so getting your pick of the best programs will make sure you see some sensational places and get to earn money at the same time. 

Paid work perfection

Finding paid work abroad is your meal ticket to some amazing travel experiences as well as some serious skills for your CV, and finding paid work is easier than you think.  Don’t flounder about on your own, unsure where to start, enrol in a gap year paid work program and you’ll find paid work perfection abroad and get the gap year working wow-factor! 

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Boat Party in Syndey Harbour

Aged 18-30? Earn money with paid work in Oz! Start with 7 days of fun in Sydney plus 12 months of expert job offers, advice and support - awesome!

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From £499.00
Au pairs in hollywood.
Flights Included!

Become a welcomed member of a US family, working as an Au Pair for a year or more in amazing locations all across America.

Reserve your place (£99) ›
From £449.00
Hospitality Work

Want a paid hospitality job in Australia’s coolest venues? Sign up for this paid work package and get set for stylish work experience in stunning Sydney.

Reserve your place (£29) ›
From £599.00

Combine travel and paid work in awesome New Zealand with this comprehensive working holiday package! Experience the wonders of this incredible country whilst earning money and making friends along the way.

Reserve your place (£29) ›
From £329.00
Opera house!

Work and travel in Australia! This paid work and travel package includes 1 week of fun in Sydney, 12 months of job support and a travel pass along the East Coast.

Reserve your place (£29) ›
From £1,099.00
Horse riding through worlds biggest puddle...

Aged 18-30 and looking for paid work in Oz? Learn the ropes of ranch life as you saddle up on this Australian gap, exploring Rainbow Beach before getting stuck in to a ranch role!

Reserve your place (£29) ›
From £1,179.00
Working in a cocktail bar in Sydney

Fund your travels by working abroad: See the globe on a shoestring, working to pay your way. The ultimate gold-digging gap year!

Reserve your place (£500) ›
From £2,089.00
Attentive student

Take 120 hours of TEFL training in the beautiful beach resort of Hua Hin in Thailand before taking on a paid teaching role in schools across Thailand and earning up to USD1200 per month!

Reserve your place (£199) ›
From £949.00

Work and travel in New Zealand! This paid work and travel package includes 12 months of job support and a bus pass around the stunning North and South Islands of New Zealand!

Reserve your place (£29) ›
From £949.00
Learning on the job

Looking for a professional job in Australia? This professional paid work package in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane includes a 3-day introduction plus a unique job search service.

Reserve your place (£29) ›
From £349.00
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