A gap year is a time to push your boundaries, set off on new and exciting adventures and experience a range of amazing activities.  Whether you want to set your adrenaline pumping with some adventure travel or take a leisurely tour and discover diverse destinations, the gap year activities you choose will shape your gap year experience and create unforgettable memories for the future. 

You could spice up your CV with some paid work, get career kudos with an incredible internship or become a trusted teacher and pass on your passion to pupils across the world.  Want to make a difference on your gap year?  Share your skills by volunteering abroad and make your gap year both remarkable and rewarding. 

Do you want to learn a new skill and impress everyone back home with your flair for surfing or diving, or by mastering a new language?  Or maybe you just want to have fun with some extreme sports, adventure hiking or explorer escapades?   Chill out and see the sights on a tour or a hop-on-hop-off bus extravaganza.  There are loads of fantastic destinations to choose from, or you can take the plunge and head off all around the world.  Pack as many awesome activities into your gap year as you can for the ultimate gap year adventure.  


What would you like to do?

  • Paid Work & Internships Abroad

    Travel & earn money? Sounds like a dream? Well wake up! It can come true. Working holiday visas, paid and unpaid internships are available to you!

  • Gap Year Adventure

    Are you a thrill seeker? Bungee off bridges and building, cage dive with sharks, jump out of planes, kite surf the waves... all this and more is waiting for you...

  • Teaching abroad

    Help others communicate in the worlds universally recognised language by volunteer teaching English or paid teaching placements overseas

  • Volunteer Abroad

    Bring happiness to deprived communities, rescue wildlife, protect the environment. Try a taster for 2 weeks, or stay longer...

  • Gap Year Adventure

    When it's time to go travelling, a bus pass is a great option... it's cheap, and you get to hop on and hop off where you please... available in lots of countries

  • Gap Year Tours

    Enjoy the company of like-minded people, learn loads about the places you visit, and relax while your tour guide does the hard work!

  • Learn & Development

    Learn a physical skill such as surfing, diving or boxing, or a mental skill such as learning Mandarin or Spanish, or what about Thai cooking?

  • Round the World Travel

    Go travelling in a big way and book a 360 all inclusive trip around the world or explore a region in detail. Choose a set itinerary, or design your own!

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